Sunday 28 February 2016

Preparing for Spring

The cold, dark winter months are fading away and as spring arrives we are blessed with brightly coloured tulips, yellow daffodils and new green shoots on trees in readiness for the season leading into summer.   For many of us it is a welcoming sight but if you are someone who suffers with seasonal 'allergies' or hay-fever it might be a season you are dreading knowing that soon you will be sneezing your way through the next few months.

Hay fever affects so many people in a variety of ways and listed below are some homeopathic remedies that you may find useful in helping to alleviate the symptoms you could be experiencing.

Allium Cepa
Prepared from the red onion.  Your eyes water, they may itch and burn and they can be very sensitive to light with a tendency to want to rub them. Accompanying this is sneezing with watery nasal discharge that burns the nostrils and the upper lip and a tickling sensation in the larynx.

Prepared from the Reed.   The hay fever symptoms include a loss or diminished sense of smell.  The roof of your mouth itches so much that you want to try and scratch it with your tongue.  The inside of the nostrils itch and there is a lot of sneezing.   The conjunctiva also feels as if it is burning and itching. 

This remedy is prepared from the plant Eyebright.  Hay fever symptoms with profuse watery eyes and catarrhal conjunctivitis.  There is a sensation of sand in the eye and the nasal discharge is bland, the opposite to Allium Cepa above where the discharge tends to burn.  

Natrum Muriaticum
A remedy prepared from sodium chloride.   There is a lot of sneezing and the nose drips and runs just like a tap. The nasal discharge is thin and the eyes water.  Headaches that tend to be brought on by bright lights or sunlight.

A remedy prepared from the Cevadilla seed.   The eyelids are red and burning.  Spasmodic sneezing with copious watery nasal discharge and with pains at the front of the nose.   The nose runs more when you are in the presence of flowers, particularly those with strong smells.   The inside of the nose tickles and itches.  

A remedy prepared from poison weed.     There is a prickling, dry sensation in the posterior sinuses and if there was something in the nasal passages. There is also a constant desire to swallow your saliva in order to relieve the dryness of the throat and the throat can feel hot and as if it is swollen.

These are only a few of the remedies that can be found in the  homeopathic materia medica and since each remedy is chosen on the basis of the individual symptoms you are experiencing, it is beneficial to see your homeopath prior to the onset of hay fever  to identify the remedy most suited to your needs.  

Homeopathic remedies can be purchased from local health stops and the instructions on the packet followed.  Homeopathic remedies are safe for all ages, are non-toxic and non-addictive.

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June Sayer D.Hom(Med) MARH, D.N.Th., D.Iridol
Homeopathy, CEASE therapist, Nutrition, Iridology, Reiki

The information on this webpage represents the views and opinion of the author, based on her clinical experience, and the traditions of Homeopathy. This material is provided for information only, and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Always consult with a suitably qualified and registered Homeopath, or with a medical doctor for advice about the treatment they offer, especially in serious or life threatening medical conditions, or if you are already taking medical drugs. 

References: Nature's Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Robin Murphy.

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