Thursday 13 April 2017


Homeopathy Awareness Week 2017: Day 1

Homeopathy Awareness Week (10-17 April) commemorates the birthday of Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) the founding father of homeopathy.  

Having originally trained as a medical doctor in Germany he became appalled at the barbaric acts of medicine carried out by his contemporaries.  He left medicine and turned to translating articles as a means of earning a living and whilst undertaking a translation for William Cullen he became interested in the workings of Cinchona Bark (Quinine) and its use in the treatment of malaria.

Being an inquisitive man he took it upon himself to experiment with Cinchona Bark and in doing so he experienced the symptoms of malaria, the very disease that Cinchona Bark was meant to treat proving the principle of 'similia similibus curenta' let likes be treated by likes.  Hahnemann and his colleagues repeated his experiments resulting in him publishing a materia medica of homeopathic medicines and spent his life honing his art to what we now know today.  Hahnemann's article Essay on a New Principle for Ascertaining Curative Power of Drugs (1) was published in Hufeland's Medical Journal in 1796, the same year as Edward Jenner experimented with the smallpox vaccine so in fact they were both using the principle of similars.   1796 became the birth of a new system of gentle, non-toxic, non-addictive form of medicine known as homeopathy.

When my youngest son had difficulty teething it led me to seek out the help of a homeopath and having experienced first hand its beneficial effects I trained in homeopathy obtaining my qualification over twenty years ago.  My mission was and continues to be to help clients   improve their health and well-being with the aid of homeopathy.

Homeopathy Awareness Week 2017: Day 2

It's homeopathy awareness week, day two
Are you wondering if homeopathy will work for you?
When I sought advice due to worries and strife
I was asked detailed questions about my life

Why did it matter what I thought about the weather
Would it help find the remedy that would make me better?
My homeopath searched through her repertory
And I can definitely say “Homeopathy Worked for Me”

I went on to study this wonderful art
So that helping others I could play my part
I work with adults and children too
So I would say yes, homeopathy will work for you

You may ask can it work for eczema and asthma too
And my child has autistic tendencies what can I do?
In order to choose the most suitable remedy
I will need to take a detailed case history

A remedy matching your symptoms is what I seek to find
Since homeopathy works on body, soul and mind
Whether it is Natrum Mur, Gelsemium or Ferrum Pic
Rest assured the remedies are non-toxic

So again I say ‘Homeopathy worked for me’
And yes it can work for you and your family

© June Sayer April 2017

June Sayer D.Hom(Med) MARH, D.N.Th., D.Iridol
Homeopathy, CEASE therapist, Nutrition, Iridology, Reiki

The information on this webpage represents the views and opinion of the author, based on her clinical experience, and the traditions of Homeopathy. This material is provided for information only, and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Always consult with a suitably qualified and registered Homeopath, or with a medical doctor for advice about the treatment they offer, especially in serious or life threatening medical conditions, or if you are already taking medical drugs. 

Nature's Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Robin Murphy.

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