Thursday 13 April 2017


Homeopathy Awareness Week 2017 - Day 3

For Homeopathy Awareness Week now on day three
Here‘s an outline of remedies that could help anxiety

Gelsemium for when your tummy is all a flutter
You shake and tremble and mumble and mutter

Argentum Nit when anticipating an upcoming event
And sugar cravings causes your tummy to distend

When your anxiety is due to a shock of a fright
You can be helped with the remedy Aconite

© June Sayer April 2017

Homeopathy Awareness Week 2017 - Day 4

It’s homeopathy awareness week day four
Would you like to learn a little more?
About a few homeopathic remedies
That can help with seasonal allergies

There’s Nat Mur when your nose is stuffy
Or Apis Mel when your eyes are all puffy
Relieve your itching palate with some Wyethia
Feels like sand in your eyes? Just try Euphrasia

Hay fever in the spring; take Alium Cepa
If it’s worse in the summer use Dulcamara
Sabadilla when flowers make you sneeze
Arsen Alb if you have a tendency to wheeze

© June Sayer April 2017

June Sayer D.Hom(Med) MARH, D.N.Th., D.Iridol
Homeopathy, CEASE therapist, Nutrition, Iridology, Reiki

The information on this webpage represents the views and opinion of the author, based on her clinical experience, and the traditions of Homeopathy. This material is provided for information only, and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Always consult with a suitably qualified and registered Homeopath, or with a medical doctor for advice about the treatment they offer, especially in serious or life threatening medical conditions, or if you are already taking medical drugs. 

Nature's Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Robin Murphy.
Homeopathic Clinical Repertory, 3rd Edition, Robin Murphy

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