Sunday 5 December 2021

Sprains and Strains -

While many people are aware of the homeopathic remedy #Arnica widely used for bumps and bruises, another useful remedy for your home first aid kit is Ruta Graveolens (Garden Rue).  Here are some of the reasons to choose Ruta. 

Sprains and strains to tendons respond well to this remedy.  The injured part can feel bruised and sore along with aching and weakness.  You may feel anxious and lethargic but the pains can make you restless as you try and find a position that gives relief.   If backache, caused by an injury or a strain is the issue you will find that lying on your back could ease the discomfort.   

In wet or icy conditions it's easy to slip and, as you try to recover from the embarrassment of falling over and hurting yourself even more, you could put a strain on your muscles or tendons.  Sprained or twisted ankles are common when we are rushing around trying to fit in all those last minute jobs and because we are hurried it's easy to miss our footing.   The ankles may be swollen, the hamstrings can feel shortened, there could be pain along the sciatic nerve and the tendons feel sore.   

I have found Ruta immensely helpful when my eyes are tired and strained after I have been on the computer for any length of time exacerbated by the use of artificial lighting.  Changes in the way that our lives have been affected in the past two years has meant that working or studying from home has increased the time that we spend in front of computer screens. 

Ruta can also be used for chills.  Coldness and shivering accompanied with feeling very thirsty and the inability to get warm even in a warm room.

This is just a brief overview of how one #homeopathic remedy can help speed up recovery of minor injuries.

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